Return to Newcomers: Welcome to HumanistsMN

What to expect

So, you found our website and are wondering what to expect if you become involved with HumanistsMN. This is normal for anybody checking out a new organization. What does ours have to offer you? What are the people like?

By navigating through this site, you can get a good impression of what our values are by checking out the  “What Is Humanism?” tab.  Do you share these values? If so, this is a good first step.

Then check out the “Community” and “Events” tabs.  Do these group activities interest you? If so, you are ready to take the next step by joining our Meetup group to get notified about all of our events.

Because we offer programs and events of all kinds, not every group of people will be the same. However, what our members have in common is curiosity and the willingness to examine issues with an open mind. We respect the views of others and will listen to different perspectives with understanding and compassion. You will find a safe space with us.

Because many of our programs are about complicated issues affecting our society, we can often be a serious cohort. However, we also like to have fun and will often schedule social time after our programs. And some events are actually all fun, like happy hours at local establishments.

So feel free to jump in and explore what we have to offer. To learn more, sign up for our free monthly electronic newsletter. But if you are looking for a community of like-minded individuals who, as our tag line suggests, are “secular by nature, ethical in purpose,” you may have found a home.