National Day of Reason

Sign welcoming you to National Day of Reason

We plan an annual event to commemorate the National Day of Reason, which honors the principles of secular lawmaking and separation of religion and government. We observe this day to remind Minnesota lawmakers that public policy should be based on reason, science, and evidence to promote the general welfare. We affirm that government should not favor one religion over another or the religious over the nonreligious, as mandated by the Constitution.


National Day of Reason 2020

The 2020 event was held online due to COVID-19. Keynote speakers were Sarah Gillooly and Dena Sher of Americans United for Separation of Church and State. Representatives of local humanist and advocacy groups also spoke and Minnesota legislators recorded videos supporting the Day of Reason. See the video of the event below.

National Day of Reason 2019 at the Minnesota State Capitol

Representatives of humanist and advocacy groups, legislators, and Hamline University Professor David Schultz spoke. See photos and videos of the 2019 event.