Humanism in Action: Help a Ukrainian family resettle in Minnesota!

Contribute to the HumanistsMN Ukrainian refugee fund, to help us support a Ukrainian refugee family arriving in Minnesota this summer! TWO Options:

More information: HumanistsMN is sponsoring resettlement to Minnesota of a young couple and their preschool daughter. You will know that your contributions are going directly to help specific humans escape the traumatizing effects of war (and especially a young impressionable human).

For 3 months, we will cover food, housing and all the things one needs to buy to set up a household – and guide them through other aspects of getting oriented to a new community and country (getting a job and childcare and new place to live, etc.). Please give what you can – it’s the humanist thing to do. And – spread the word amongst all your contacts, by sharing the webpage!


July 27


08:00 pm - 08:30 pm

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