THINK! Book Club: Yascha Mounk, “The Identity Trap,” Second Session

THINK! Book Club: Yascha Mounk, "The Identity Trap," Second Session

March 19, 2024
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The next Think! Book Club will continue our discussion of Yascha Mounk’s 2023 publication, “The Identity Trap.” Subtitled “A Story of Ideas and Power in Our Time,” Mounk’s book considers the origins and rise of the “identity synthesis,” a 21st century ideology that regards group identities involving race, gender, and sexual orientation as keys to understanding our world and achieving social justice. Mounk points out serious flaws in the identity synthesis–its reliance on standpoint epistemology and obsession with “cultural appropriation,” among others. He concludes that its excessive focus on group identities is counterproductive in our quest to remedy social injustices, and that the universalism embodied in liberal democracy (and in humanism) is far more likely to promote human flourishing.

“The Identity Trap” has 290 pages of text and is available at Amazon for $28. The first session covered the first eight chapters, about half the book. This next session will begin with Chapter 9 on cultural appropriation, before addressing such topics as freedom of speech, microaggressions, progressive separatism, and identity-sensitive public policy. If you cannot acquire or read “The Identity Trap,” you can familiarize yourself with its contents by reading reviews and commentary on the book and by watching various YouTube, TedTalk, and other videos featuring its author. Whether or not you have read the book or attended the first session, feel free to join us if these matters are of interest and concern to you.

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