THINK! Book Club: Michael Sandel, “Justice”

THINK! Book Club: Michael Sandel, "Justice"

January 24, 2023
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Let’s begin the new year with a modern classic, Michael J. Sandel’s “Justice: What’s the Right Thing To Do.” Concerned with public morality and ethics, “Justice” is drawn from the highly popular course Sandel has taught for years to Harvard undergrads. The book discusses major philosophical views of ethics–utilitarianism, for instance–applying them to complex public issues like affirmative action. Sandel also discusses the limitations of libertarianism and its valuation of individual freedom, arguing for a communitarian social philosophy that is more focused on the common good.

Published in 2009, “Justice” is available from Amazon for $10. Though it only has 269 pages of text, this book merits careful consideration, so we’re going to use two sessions of our book club to cover it. Read the first five chapters for January. Truth be told, you’re welcome to join us even if you don’t read the book but would like to participate or just listen in on a discussion of these matters.

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