THINK! Book Club: Fareed Zakaria, “Age of Revolutions”

THINK! Book Club: Fareed Zakaria, "Age of Revolutions"

May 28, 2024
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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The next Think! Book Club will discuss Fareed Zakaria’s 2024 book “Age of Revolutions.” In this, his latest book, the well-known columnist and public intellectual identifies revolutionary developments over the past four centuries that have led to the current challenging condition of liberal democracies. Zakaria explicates our ongoing troubles in terms of economic, technological, sociological, and geopolitical changes–each of a revolutionary nature–that have fostered an illiberal populism. Rejecting pessimism, he concludes with advice for how we can achieve a future of human flourishing.

“Age of Revolutions” has 325 pages of text and is available at Amazon for $19. If you cannot acquire or read the book, you can familiarize yourself with its contents by reading reviews and commentary on the book and by watching various YouTube, TedTalk, and other videos featuring its author. Whether or not you have read “Age of Revolutions,” feel free to join us if these matters are of interest and concern to you.

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