The Power of the Situation: An Intro to Social Psychology @ SECULAR SATURDAY

The Power of the Situation: An Intro to Social Psychology @ SECULAR SATURDAY

May 4, 2024
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

First Unitarian Society

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Situations are much more powerful than most people realize. Persuasion, conformity, group think, bystander indifference, and mob behaviors are all examples of how situations can push people to behave in ways that are inconsistent with how they understand themselves. It is easy to blame people for being influenced by situations, but all people can be susceptible to these tendencies (even you!), and we ignore the power of situations at our own peril. Self understanding is key to living with integrity. Come join us for an introduction to social psychology, and learn something about yourself you may not have known before.

The presentation and discussion will be from 3:00—4:30, led by HumanistsMN member, Scott Ode. Afterwards, join other Secular Saturday attendees in the gallery for refreshments and socializing.

Scott Ode earned a PhD in Social Psychology from North Dakota State University in 2011. The majority of his graduate work work focused on the interaction between dispositional variables (e.g., personality) and emotional responsiveness. Since earning his degree most of his work has been in the area of healthcare and health care economics. In his spare time he coaches ultimate frisbee (go Narwhal!), watches ultimate frisbee (go Grey Duck!), and plays ultimate frisbee, though poorly (go old people!). When asked what he likes that is not related to ultimate frisbee he says, “I really really really like talking about ideas. Ideas are my favorite.”

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