Tenets of Humanism: Intro to Meaning and Purpose

Tenets of Humanism: Intro to Meaning and Purpose

February 12, 2023
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Highland Park Library, Saint Paul Public Library

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In the final session of this introductory series, we will look at how a Humanist lifestance — with its naturalist worldview, ethical commitments, and community spirit – informs and contributes to our experience of meaning and purpose.

We are the products of an un-designed, evolutionary process. What meaning or purpose can there be to our lives? Do our lives really matter? Many people look to religion for answers. As humanists and naturalists, we accept that humans create their own meaning.

While designed as a series, each “Tenets” session is independent of the others and folks are welcome to attend as they are able. The three sessions together provide a comprehensive introduction to humanism for “newbies” but will also benefit those who want to explore humanism more deeply.

Please join us for this overview of contemporary humanism as understood and practiced by a growing number of people affiliated with such organizations as the American Humanist Association, the American Ethical Union, and Humanists International.

The first session dealt with the naturalist worldview (January 29th) and the second session focused on the ethical foundations of humanism (February 5th). This series is repeated periodically throughout the year.

This event is sponsored by HumanistsMN. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining to help us cover our costs and build the humanist movement. Not ready to join? Donations are gratefully accepted! Join or donate at humanistsmn.org.

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