TED TALK SALON: Economy for the Common Good @ SECULAR SATURDAY

TED TALK SALON: Economy for the Common Good @ SECULAR SATURDAY

December 2, 2023
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

First Unitarian Society

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Our individual and collective actions, beliefs, and desires are influenced by a society that prizes limitless economic growth and the creation of even greater capital. This pursuit has come at the expense of peace, equality, health, ethics, and democracy. Join us to learn about an alternative movement that is dedicated to codifying these traits, known as the Economy for the Common Good.

Together we’ll watch the TEDxVienna video “What if the common good were the goal of the economy” by Christian Felber, followed by discussion.

Focused on integrating a deeper understanding of human rights into economic, social, and governmental behaviors, we will discuss our own beliefs regarding these systems and how we might use the Economy for the Common Good as a guide for a better future.

The video and discussion will be from 3:00—4:30, facilitated by HumanistsMN member, Zach Wood. Afterwards, join other Secular Saturday attendees in the gallery for refreshments and socializing.

This event is sponsored by HumanistsMN. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining to help us cover our costs and build the humanist movement. Not ready to join? Donations are gratefully accepted! Join or donate at https://humanistsmn.org

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