Second Chance Day on the Hill: Rally for Criminal Justice Reform

Second Chance Day on the Hill: Rally for Criminal Justice Reform

March 8, 2023
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Minnesota State Capitol

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Join fellow humanists to RALLY with over 60 other organizations to support SECOND CHANCES for individuals impacted by the criminal justice system.

Participants at the Rally are encouraged to meet with their legislators afterwards — joining other attendees from your legislative district. IF YOU ARE WILLING TO MEET WITH YOUR LEGISLATORS, PLEASE REGISTER HERE NOW SO APPOINTMENTS CAN BE MADE. (Scroll down to bottom of page for registration.)

Schedule for the day:
Press Conference – 9:30am in Capitol Press Room – B971 (optional)
Rally in the Rotunda – 10:30am (Look for Humanist group near the back)
Visits with legislators – 12:00 – 3:00pm


  1. The Clean Slate Act — The Clean Slate Act would create an automatic expungement mechanism for certain low-level petty misdemeanor, misdemeanor, and gross misdemeanor offenses after the conditions of sentence and crime-free waiting period requirements are satisfied. Expungement of these records will allow many individuals to find safe housing and good jobs, key factors in reducing recidivism.
  2. Restore the Vote — Formerly incarcerated Minnesotans do not regain the right to vote when they’ve finished serving their prison time. Only when they’ve finished lengthy periods of supervision can they participate in our democracy. We believe that people working and paying taxes in their communities should be able to vote for their elected officials.

As humanists we support legislation that ensures fair and humane treatment of all impacted by the criminal justice system, provides mental health care to those in need, and helps those who have served their sentences to re-integrate into society successfully.

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