Perspectives: Learning from Place: Bdote

Perspectives: Learning from Place: Bdote

February 4, 2024
12:45 pm - 3:00 pm

Thomas C. Savage Visitor Center

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Join ever-learning humanists and the public at: Learning from Place: Bdote. It is an immersive experience offered by the Minnesota Humanities Center that invites participants to visit, inhabit, and expand their understanding of Twin Cities sites with deep significance to Dakota people. KEEP READING:
This event is made available as part of the Great Northern festival. NOTE: There is a $30 fee and you must register here. You will also need a State Parks pass (buy online here), because it occurs within Ft. Snelling State Park. Event starts at 1pm. It is fully outdoors – dress accordingly!
*If interested*, those attending from this Meetup will gather for social time at a nearby restaurant.

MORE Background: Participants learn from Dakota community members to reconsider their relationship to land, water, sky, and all life—including other humans—through stories and perspectives that are often left out of our state’s history.
Bdote is a Dakota word that generally means “where two waters come together.” The bdote where Ȟaȟáwakpa (Mississippi River) and the Mnísota Wakpá (Minnesota River) come together is central to Dakota spirituality and history. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding about Dakota people’s relationship to the place we now call Minnesota and will be encouraged to put newfound knowledge into action and further learning.

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