Online Event: Why Humanism?

Online Event: Why Humanism?

July 23, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Online event

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The West Metro Critical Thinking Club is hosting an online presentation by Jerry Smith on the topic, “Why Humanism?”

This presentation provides an overview and introduction to humanism, a centuries-old worldview of increasing relevance in a deeply divided American society that seems to have lost any collective purpose. We will review the major tenets of humanism, including naturalism, secularism, and an ethics based on human nature and our needs as social beings. The presentation will conclude by identifying social, political, and economic principles suggested by humanism’s commitment to widespread human flourishing, arguing that these provide a basis for progressive, inclusive social change.

A long-time member of the Humanists of Minnesota, Jerry currently serves on their Board of Directors and leads the monthly Discussion, Debate, and Dinner events as well as the Think! book club/course that develops participants’ thinking skills. Jerry is a zealous reader, a fairly successful gardener, and a not-so-successful angler. He lives with his wife, Juliet, in St. Paul; all of their five adult children live in the Twin Cities.

What is important is not what you think, but how you think. The Critical Thinking Club is devoted to presentations on controversial topics followed by group discussions to evaluate the quality of available information and help individual members to reach justified conclusions, and to avoid error. Critical Thinking Clubs meet monthly in St. Paul, Stillwater, Mankato and Minnetonka.

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