MN Humanists Highway Cleanup

MN Humanists Highway Cleanup

May 7, 2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Holiday Stationstores

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It’s time for our Spring Highway Cleanup! A great time to socialize and give something back to our community. We need environmentally conscious volunteers to head out and pick up the trash along highway 35W

As always we meet at the Holiday station store, located at exit 36 of Interstate 35W at Highway 23 (right turn from 35W northbound). This is the last exit on 35W going north about nine miles north of I-694. It is five miles south of where 35W joins 35E.

Directions on where to start and finish picking trash will be given and we’ll head out to see what treasures we might find. 🙂 Dress appropriately, gloves, boots, and tick spray are highly recommended.

Afterward, anyone who would like to socialize over lunch can join us at the same location we used to use. It used to be Matthew’s but that business didn’t survive the pandemic. Now there’s a new restaurant there called The Rusty Cow. It’s at 2 S Pine Drive in Circle Pines. It has a similar menu and prices. Maps and directions will be available.

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