Humanists Unforgettable Bike Ride Into Stillwater (HUBRIS IX)

Humanists Unforgettable Bike Ride Into Stillwater (HUBRIS IX)

September 9, 2023
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Gateway Trail/Brown's Creek Trail

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It’s a “threefer:” You get outdoors, you get exercise, and you get social, all in one enjoyable package. The first of an anticipated two rides this year, HUBRIS VIII will again have humanists and their friends travel the Gateway and Brown’s Creek bike trails from the St. Paul suburbs to the Stillwater riverside. These are dedicated bike trails, well maintained, with no hazards or serious climbs, perfect for modestly skilled and even somewhat out-of-shape bikers. So spend time biking with friends during what we hope will be a beautiful Saturday in Minnesota. A map of the Gateway State Trail can be found here:
The Brown’s Creek Trail breaks off at the Duluth Junction and goes 5.8 miles down to the St. Croix waterfront in Stillwater.

We start from the 55th Street Lot. This is located just off Highway 36 a mile or so before it passes under I-694. You have to take the Hadley Street exit, which leads to roundabouts at both ends. The southern roundabout has an exit to 55th Street, which will get you to the lot. This access point for the Gateway Trail provides a substantial parking lot and on-street parking for the many bikers who access the trail here. We’ll congregate at the eastern end of the access area at about 10:30 AM, biking 11 miles into Stillwater. Participants can vary their paces and companions as we follow the trail. There’s an opportunity to recongregate at the Duluth Junction rest stop before we start the final, mostly downhill, 5.8 miles of the Brown’s Creek Trail that takes us into Stillwater.

Once there things get pretty flexible. We’ll eat lunch at P. D. Pappy’s, a moderately priced, American-bar-food-type restaurant that is on the waterfront just past the trailhead. Or you can venture into downtown Stillwater and check out other eateries, on the waterfront or off. Those of us who are up for more biking can do “The Loop” (approximately five miles), using the Stillwater lift bridge and the new high bridge a couple miles downstream to get over the river into Wisconsin and back. Those who wish to pass on this foray into the land of Cheeseheads can start back on the return trip, when they want and with whom they want, the first several miles of which are a moderate uphill grade. It will probably take an hour or slightly more to get back to the 55th Street lot.

If the weather looks really nasty on the scheduled date, we’ll reschedule the event for a later Saturday. Otherwise, come join us for several hours of “easy riding” on these scenic, tree-shaded bike trails!

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