Humanists in Action: Help Get out the Vote!

Humanists in Action: Help Get out the Vote!

August 13, 2022
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Lakes & Legends Brewing Company

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Who is elected affects so much of our lives! (even in other states, because it impacts federal policy) So let’s do what we can to encourage voting!

Join us for activism and socializing to send letters to voters who have historically been underrepresented in the Pennsylvania electorate, compared to their share of the population, such as racial minorities.
We will be writing for a campaign by Vote Forward, an advocacy group that works to enable all Americans to participate in our democracy.

Our meeting will work like this: there will be 20 pre-printed letters available per event attendee plus envelopes; you add a motivating comment in the letter and address them during the Meetup and provide the postage and mail them after the event. The part you fill in is just one section that starts “I vote because…” .
Vote Forward says studies have shown that the letters boost turnout, so let’s help out and mail our letters on assigned day of October 29!

Event is occurring at the wonderful Lakes and Legends Brewpub, where they have the new option for parking, in the school lot across 14th street from the brewpub. Otherwise, in addition to metered street parking, there is discounted ramp parking at: ​
LPM Ramp // Located above Lakes & Legends // Entrance on 14th Street
We validate for 90 minutes of parking. Keep in mind that you may not see a price reduction when exiting ramp if staying longer than 3 hours.

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