Humanism & Stoicism: Relevant Philosophies for Modern Freethinkers

Humanism & Stoicism: Relevant Philosophies for Modern Freethinkers

June 4, 2022
3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

First Unitarian Society

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Come to our panel discussion on how humanism and Stoicism are alike and where they differ.

Did you know that both humanism and Stoicism have roots in ancient Greek thought? And despite their age, the ideas and perspectives in these two philosophies are relevant to today’s relationships and society. In fact, you may well be practicing aspects of Stoicism and humanism without having put a name to them. Join us as we fit these pragmatic practices into the bigger picture and discuss the core principles that inform them both.

We’re bringing together two expert speakers, Audrey Kingstrom on humanism and Gabriel Blott on Stoicism, to compare these systems of thought and show how they deal with life’s questions. Moderating this discussion will be another expert, the Rev. Dr. David Breeden, who’s studied and written in both areas. With these three engaging presenters we’re sure to have a lively and informative time.

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There’ll be time for Q&A with the audience, and afterwards join us for socializing and nibbles & beverages.

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