D-Squared Considers Communitarianism

D-Squared Considers Communitarianism

January 11, 2022
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Among other things, the Covid pandemic has exposed the limitations of individualism–“No vaccine mandates!”–in modern societies. Classical liberalism acknowledged these limitations without proposing a “greater good” than individual freedom. In contrast, communitarianism proposes the community as the source of our individual selves and well-being, with the collective welfare taking precedence over individual rights. Does communitarianism have something to offer our fragmented socio-political condition? This month’s D-Squared event will consider the communitarian alternative to classical liberal individualism.

D-Squared (Discussion and Debate) is a monthly online gathering sponsored by HumanistsMN and hosted by Jerry Smith and Mark Thoson. Jerry will be moderating this month’s discussion.

As usual, we are assigning “homework” in the belief that preparation will help participants contribute to a thoughtful, informed discussion. Please try to read some or all of the following before the event:

Fundamentals and practical implications:

More in-depth treatments:

Communitarianism and liberalism:

Communitarianism and libertarianism:

Assuredly there are many more articles and videos of relevance to our topic. So if you are aware of other online resources that would enlighten us, feel free to suggest them by posting links in the “Comments” section below.

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