D-Cubed Reflects On The Election

D-Cubed Reflects On The Election

November 12, 2022
2:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Merriam Park Library, Saint Paul Public Library

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The woman in the picture has changed her mind, and now wants to change her ballot. Good luck with that! We’re quite happy with how we voted although we may not be happy with the election results.

So, it being November of an even-numbered year, our D-Cubed and D-Squared events this month must necessarily be about the election. We will talk about what happened at both the state and national levels. What do the election results portend for the Biden Administration’s legislative agenda? For the next two years of Biden’s presidency? Did the results favor Donald Trump and promote his candidacy for presidential renomination and reelection? Or did they diminish his hold on the Republican Party? In light of these results, are you more or less concerned about our democracy? These and other questions will receive our usual probing analysis in our customarily congenial social gathering. Please join us to celebrate, commiserate, or to simply enjoy our collective company!

D-Cubed (Discussion, Debate, and Dinner) is a monthly gathering sponsored by HumanistsMN and hosted by Jerry Smith and Mark Thoson. Jerry will be moderating this month’s discussion which will take place in the live Saturday (D-Cubed) and on-line D-Squared (No dinner!) sessions. The same topics will be covered in each session and the discussions should be quite similar.

Rather than assign readings that discuss political races/strategies or predict election results, we’ll wait until after the election and then post links to online articles that report the results and useful commentary. So no “homework” for now, but some might be coming down shortly before we meet. And, as usual, if you become aware of online resources that would enlighten us, feel free to suggest them by posting links in the “Comments” section below.

At 4:30 PM or shortly thereafter, we will wrap up our discussion. Those who wish to continue conversing on these and other topics are welcome to join Jerry and Mark for dinner at Pad Thai, a moderately priced Thai restaurant located at 1681 Grand Avenue in St. Paul, a short drive from the library. We’ll provide directions to the restaurant and have tables reserved for our group.

This event is sponsored by HumanistsMN. If you are not yet a member, please consider joining to help us cover our costs and build the humanist movement. Not ready to join? Donations are gratefully accepted! Donate or join through our home page.

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