Attention Creatives! Seeking Performers for the HumanistsMN Festivus Follies

Attention Creatives! Seeking Performers for the HumanistsMN Festivus Follies

November 28, 2023
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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Calling all humanist performers, revelers, and creatives to participate in our Festivus Follies as part of our Winter Solstice Celebration on Dec. 16th! For this holiday variety show, we are looking for musicians, singers, comedians, poetry readers, spoken word artists, storytellers, jugglers, jesters, muses, and more.

Please join us for this online “casting” session if you are interested in participating in our Festivus Follies. Come share your idea of what you would like to do for the Follies and give us a teaser of your performance, if possible. Or, if you’d just like to bounce an idea off us, that’s a good way to start.

Performance slots will be approximately 5 minutes in length and the final selection of participants will be chosen by the solstice planning team. Material and selections that focus on the winter season and/or solstice are especially encouraged, but anything that brightens the mood or inspires us is also welcome.

If you are interested in performing but cannot attend this session on November 28, please message one of the hosts, Audrey or Mitch, and we’ll make arrangements to connect with you separately. For more information about the event, please see our special events page on our website.

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