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Want to volunteer? Approach any Board member at a HumanistsMN event to express your interest, or use our online form to get in touch with the right person. 

HumanistsMN is an all-volunteer organization. We have no paid staff and all of our operations are managed by ordinary members. Please consider lending your skills to help us make a positive difference in the world by promoting humanist values. You can contribute by volunteering in the following areas:

Board of Directors

Join the Board and help steer HumanistsMN into the future! The Board has overall responsibility for management and oversight of the organization. Elections are held annually for two-year terms. You must be a member in good standing for at least one year in order to serve. (Read about our current board members here.)


Love numbers, accounting, or just the excitement of finance? Join our Finance/Budget Committee, which is chaired by the HMN Treasurer and responsible for budgeting and recommending financial goals and policies to the Board.


We offer a wide range of programs, from monthly Community Gatherings to discussion groups to bike rides. We are always looking for people to help plan our activities — or to suggest new ones. Join the Program Committee and help us engage speakers, find interesting venues, or organize a program that interests you.

Humanists in Action

HumanistsMN advocates for public policies that reflect humanist values and organizes activities to help people in our community. Join the Humanists in Action Team if you want to make a difference in the world.


We need help considering ways to attract new members and improve the experience for existing members. Join the Membership/Hospitality Team and share your ideas. This team also hosts HMN’s  monthly Community Gatherings, where it greets attendees and serves refreshments.


We can’t attract new members if people don’t know we exist. Our new Marketing Team is responsible for promoting the organization to the public — for example through advertising, social media, or special events. Help us reach all those humanists (or budding humanists) who are searching for a community of like-minded people.


In search of people with technical skills! Join our Technology Team and help maintain the membership and financial software platforms that support HMN operations. You can also help us operate our website.


If you like to write, our monthly electronic newsletter is always looking for contributors. Want to get something off your chest? Consider writing an opinion piece! Want to recommend a book to our members? Write a book review! If you’re more interested in behind-the-scenes activities, you can help produce the newsletter.


We need photos for our website and newsletter, so let us know if you’d like to take shots at our events.

Ready to volunteer? Approach any Board member at a HumanistsMN event to express your interest, or use our online form to get in touch with the right person.