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We know that humanists are lifelong learners. If you want to learn more about the world, about humanism, or coping with life, consider these activities:


Looking for intellectual stimulation? D-Squared (Discussion and Debate) and D-Cubed (with Dinner) are monthly gatherings that explore political, social, and philosophical issues. The topics are chosen by the co-leaders, who assign participants a reading list. 

Secular Saturdays

One Saturday each month, two or three of our members lead simultaneous sessions about topics that interest them. One person might talk about “Star Trek,” another about the morality of abortion. Participants gather afterwards for refreshments and socializing.

Tenets of Humanism

If you’re new to humanism or want to explore it more deeply, consider attending this three-session introduction. You’ll learn about naturalism, the ethical foundations of humanism, and how the humanist life stance contributes to our experience of meaning and purpose.

Mindful living

The Habits of Humanism group can help you deal with stress overload, whether from the pandemic, physical or mental health challenges, or the intransigent problems facing the world. Participants practice mindfulness techniques and each month explore a different aspect of mindfulness from a secular humanist and naturalist perspective.

Want to participate in these activities? Join or follow our Meetup group to get announcements.