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HumanistsMN Members Donate More Than $11,000 to Food Bank

By Harlan Garbell

As we know, the Covid-19 pandemic forced all local “non-essential” business activities that involve close human interaction to shut down. Even many “essential” economic activities have suffered during this public health crisis. As a result, wage earners without sufficient savings have been hard pressed to cover their routine living expenses, including most importantly, food. 

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Humanists Offer More Than Thoughts and Prayers

The Secular Week of Action, which takes place from May 1 to 10, aims to mobilize secular people across the country to demonstrate our shared commitment to making this world, here and now, a better place. This year’s emphasis will be on offering a compassionate response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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The Brain As Expectation Machine: Understanding Placebos, False Memories, and More


I was first introduced to Erik Vance when he was interviewed about his book by Steve Mirsky on a “Science Talk” podcast on Scientific American Online in November. That interview motivated me to borrow a volume from the library. It is quite a find.

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