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Direct help for Ukrainian families needing to relocate to the US.

Ukrainian Family Update: a Job and a New Apartment

There have been some significant changes in the lives of Anton, Olha, and Zlata. Coincidentally, on the day the November HumanistsMN newsletter was published with the article saying that Anton needed a job, he got one!  Is that fate – or him making his own luck by following through on contact leads? He was hired by a construction company to install drywall, where he is at a  job site for a few days before moving to the next one.

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Ukrainian Family Update: a Wedding, a Fully Owned Car, and English Classes

The pictures with this article will give away the first piece of news about Anton, Olha, and Zlata: Olha and Anton were finally able to marry. They have long wanted to do so – but war delayed their plans. On one of the last warm days of October, one of our committee members, Ashley Allen, performed the wedding outdoors at the home of another committee member, Esther Alder. It was a lovely ceremony (with documents translated into Ukrainian).

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Ukrainian Family Update: a Car, Preschool, and Job Hunts

By Christine Retkwa

The Ukrainian Refugee Assistance Project, organized by HMN members, is sponsoring a Ukrainian family that arrived in Minnesota in August. Here is the latest update.

First, some great news! Thanks to generous donors, Anton, Olha, and Zlata now have enough money to buy a car. They are trying to be patient …

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HMN Team Brings Ukrainian Refugee Family to Minnesota

The Ukrainian Refugee Assistance Project organized by HumanistsMN members is sponsoring a Ukrainian family that arrived in Minnesota in August. Here is an update through August 23.

Thank you to all HumanistsMN members and allies for your interest and engagement so far in helping our new Ukrainian friends!

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