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Our members are passionate about making the world a better place for all. We have a Social Action Team and sponsor a variety of community-service activities to further our humanist values.

HMN Collaborates to Promote Second Chances for Those Who Have Paid Debt to Society

By Christine Retkwa

HumanistsMN believes in collaborating with groups whose goals align with the humanist value of enabling all humans to thrive , recognizing that collaboration is the key to forming the mass needed to make an impact. December’s newsletter highlighted our work with Compassion & Choices to promote medical aid in dying. Now HumanistsMN has stepped up again by becoming an organizational-level member of Minnesota Second Chance Coalition, which works to ensure that persons who have been punished for crimes have meaningful opportunities to live, work, and grow as people after serving their debts to society.

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Medical Aid in Dying: Gearing Up for the 2020 Legislative Session

By Marcy Woodruff

As we head into the next legislative session, which begins February 11, HumanistsMN’s Social Action Team is working to make it easy for our members and followers to take action on legislation dealing with an issue team has identified as a priority — medical aid in dying.

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National Day of Reason Event Marks New Humanist Collaboration (Photo Gallery)

By Suzanne Perry

HumanistsMN for the first time this year joined hands with two other humanist organizations to plan a major event at the Capitol to observe the National Day of Reason, which honors the principles of secular lawmaking and separation of religion and government.

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Momentum Grows on Campaign-Spending Curbs: Federal and State Bills Introduced

By Vicki Barnes

Humanists of Minnesota has endorsed efforts to amend the U.S. Constitution to restore our ability to regulate campaign spending and curb the influence of money in politics. This would reverse damaging Supreme Court rulings, including Citizens United, which struck down restrictions on political spending by corporations and billionaire donors on free-speech grounds  Vicki Barnes, Minnesota state coordinator for American Promise, reports on recent legislative developments.

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By Nathan Curland

Last month, Humanists of Minnesota launched a new monthly volunteer opportunity for its members. We secured a two-hour monthly slot at the Food Group’s Warehouse in New Hope to  pack food boxes for the secular nonprofit’s 170 statewide food-shelf partners.

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Board Endorses Resolution to Fight Big Money in Politics

By Sharon Tornes

The Humanists of Minnesota board has agreed to endorse a resolution aimed at curbing the influence of wealthy special interests in our elections.

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Let’s Build the Power of Secular Voters

By Suzanne Perry

Want to help counter the political influence of the Religious Right? Humanists of Minnesota has a deal for you! Several of us met in August with representatives of the Secular Coalition for America, which is working to build the power of secular voters across the country. We agreed to follow up by organizing a voter-registration drive and encouraging our members to sign up for the coalition’s Rapid Response Network.

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The political season is upon us and candidates are soliciting your vote. Before you pledge your support, find out where they stand on issues that are important to you.

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By Michael Anderson

When I joined Humanists of Minnesota in January, I had no idea what I was getting into. And it’s all good!  One of the first events I attended as a member was a presentation in February by Jeff Clements, President of American Promise, with Social Action Team leader Meline Juarez.

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Social Action Team Eyes Reproductive Rights, Immigration, Democratic Process

By Meline Juarez and Joyce Edwards

The Social Action Team met on January 29 and made some decisions about future activities. Although our original areas of focus (health care reform, medical aid in dying, environment, and criminal justice) remain priorities, we will be directing some of our energies to imminent issues where we can make impact.

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Social Action Team Focuses on Health Care, Environment

Humanists of Minnesota Social Action Team members in September attended a seminar on single-payer health care and public forums on water quality and the proposed Enbridge pipeline replacement. 

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Social Action Team Welcomes New Leader

Social Action Team leaders met in late August to kick off Humanists of Minnesota advocacy activities under a new captain. Meline Juarez, a former union organizer with lots of advocacy experience, has agreed to head the team, taking over from Suzanne Perry.

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Notes from the July 15 EQB Meeting

Thanks to Governor Mark Dayton, Minnesota is one of 13 states in the US Climate Alliance, which also includes mayors from non-member states. The Commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Commerce is having discussions with utilities around the state to move toward renewables.

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