Category: Humanist Community Gatherings

HumanistsMN sponsors monthly gatherings for our community at 3 p.m. on the third Saturday of the month. Everyone is welcome at these free get-togethers. We host engaging speakers on humanism, social issues, political affairs, science, and other topics of interest to world citizens. And we catch up with our friends and meet newcomers at a social hour with drinks and snacks. We take a break in June, July, and August, when we hold outdoor picnics with other secular groups.

January 2018: The Basic Income Movement

Liane Gale, founding member of Basic Income Guarantee Minnesota, spoke to the January chapter meeting about the move to give everyone a periodic cash payment without any strings attached. While people have suggested this approach for various reasons — to eliminate poverty or replace salaries when jobs disappear due to automation — Gale advocates it as a way to free up people to do work that is focused more on caring and respect for the planet.

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December 2017: Solstice Celebration

Humanists of Minnesota celebrated the Winter Solstice with food, drink, secular carols, and the airing of political grievances at a Festivus for the Rest of Us. Members also presented a Mummers’ Play written by President Audrey Kingstrom, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In it, our Great Leader (who bears a resemblance to someone we know) is taken in by Wily Weavers, but reassured of his greatness by his Trusty Old Adviser and Loyal Toadies.

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November 2017: Immigrants Face New Restrictions, Myths, and Cultural Fears

The gap between the number of people across the world who are trying to migrate and the number of spots available to them is staggering. And the United States under the Trump Administration has become increasingly unwelcoming. Michele Garnett McKenzie, who spoke at the November chapter meeting, has seen the devastating consequences through her work at The Advocates for Human Rights.

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October 2017: Speakers Press for Changes to Make Elections More Democratic

As we gear up for critical 2018 state and national elections, it’s a good time to think about how to improve our electoral system. Three speakers at our October chapter meeting suggested ways to make our votes count more and diminish the harm special interests inflict on our democracy.

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September 2017: Chris Stedman on Why We Need Humanism Now

By Nathan Curland

More than 60 humanists and friends attended our first chapter meeting of the new season on September 16 to hear Chris Stedman give an impassioned speech on “Why We Need Humanism Now.” He has been a humanist chaplain at Harvard University, is the founding executive director of the Yale Humanist Community, and has moved to the Midwest to build a new Humanist Center of Minnesota. Stedman started by reminding us that a world without religion is not necessarily “good.”

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May 2017: Annual Meeting

The annual meeting featured reports by HumanistsMN board members. Topics included Camp Quest and activities of the Membership Team, Treasurer, Social Action Team, and Technology Team. The membership also elected a new board. The meeting wrapped up with presentations on the future of the organization, as well as a proposed Humanist Center in Minnesota.

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