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HumanistsMN advocates for public policies that reflect our values, partnering with other advocacy groups when possible. Our activities include:

National Day of Reason

One of our guiding principles is that public policy should be based on science, reason, and evidence, not religious preference. We plan an annual event to commemorate the National Day of Reason in May, joining with other secular and advocacy groups to remind Minnesota lawmakers that religion must be separate from government. See more here.

Medical aid in dying

We believe people should get good care at the end of life. That includes the right for terminally ill Minnesotans to request a prescription they can take to bring about a peaceful death. HumanistsMN works with Compassion & Choices to promote legislation that would offer this option. 

Reproductive rights

HumanistsMN at the 2021 March for Reproductive Freedom.

We support the right for people to have easy and safe access to reproductive health care, including abortion. Our work has included regularly participating in Planned Parenthood’s annual Solidarity Day, which counters Good Friday anti-abortion demonstrations, and sending contingents to abortion-rights rallies at the Capitol and to the March for Reproductive Freedom in October 2021.

Social justice

HumanistsMN believes a sustained commitment to racial, social, and economic justice is necessary to ensure every person can thrive and flourish. (See our Statement on Systemic Racism.) We support organizations that are working toward that goal, for example, the Minnesota Second Chance Coalition. We are an organizational member of this group, which works to give former prisoners meaningful opportunities to live, work, and grow after they have paid their debt to society. We have also raised money for the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota.

Additional focus areas

HumanistsMN also advocates for, takes action, and supports other organizations in efforts to protect our environment, LGBTQIA+ rights, and election integrity/voting rights. We believe that the climate crisis is real and immediate; love is love; and our democracy depends on public access and transparency.

Want to participate in these activities? Contact the Humanists in Action Team at