May 2024: Annual Meeting Elects Board Members, Thanks Seth Engman

Seth with Audrey and HMN President Ellie Haylund.

HumanistsMN members elected a president, vice president, and four at-large members to its Board at the May annual meeting. See their profiles here

We also said thank you to Seth Engman, who left the Board after seven years of service. Program Coordinator Audrey Kingstrom praised Seth’s work on our marketing team, including taking the lead on our branding campaign a few years ago, and as head of the Secular Grief Support Group — and gave him a gift card on behalf of HMN. 

Participants also heard reports from HMN’s Board members and other leaders about activities over the last year. They then divided up at tables to discuss three questions: what they value about HMN, what they would like to see happen with the organization, and what are good ways to raise money in light of HMN’s plan to hire a paid staff person. Find out more about this discussion here!


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