May 2023: Annual Meeting Elects New Board Members, Honors Volunteers

HumanistsMN members elected a secretary, treasurer, and four at-large members to its Board at the May annual meeting. See their profiles here. 

We also said thank you (with flowers) to Dave Guell, who stepped off the board after serving the mandatory limit of eight years (pictured at left). Dave was the Board’s secretary and technology guru. He heads the MediaTech team, helps to maintain our online membership system, and works on social media strategy. Rumor has it he will continue to perform those roles as a “mere” HMN member. Thanks for your service, Dave!

Program Coordinator Audrey Kingstrom also recognized the contributions of board members, committee members, participants in our service projects and advocacy events. HMN leaders gave updates on secular advocacy, Humanists in Action, membership, finances, and strategic planning.


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