May 2021: Annual Meeting Reviews Past Year, Elects Board Members, Votes on Bylaws

Click to see a slide show of HMN highlights the past fiscal year. Press the space bar or Page Down to scroll through the slides.

HumanistsMN members met for an online annual meeting in May.  We elected a new Board of Directors, voted on proposed changes to the HMN bylaws, and reviewed the last fiscal year’s activities and finances.

Our organization had many accomplishments last year, including a record-high membership, strong programming despite the pandemic (thanks especially to Program Coordinator Audrey Kingstrom), a healthy budget, and vibrant social-action and community-service programs.

Click on the image above to see a slide show presented at the meeting about our activities, including program highlights, community service and fundraising efforts, and outreach to greater Minnesota (led by Board member Jerry Smith).

Other annual meeting highlights:

Board Election.  Members elected a new Board of Directors, including the following officers: Harlan Garbell President, Ellie Haylund Vice President, John Walker Treasurer, and Mitch Thompson Secretary. They also elected Dave Guell, Nick Haylund, Suzanne Perry, and Jerry Smith to at-large positions. Dave is serving a one-year term, all others are two-year terms.  Read more about our board members.

Bylaws. Proposed changes to HMN’s bylaws failed to get the required approval of two-thirds of members present. Some objected to language that would add the following responsibility to the role of Vice President: “During the final two-year term that the President is eligible to serve, be willing, able, and eligible to serve as President when the current President’s term of service eligibility has expired.” The proposed changes will now go back to the Bylaws Committee and the Board for further consideration.  You can find details of other proposed changes to the bylaws here, and read the current bylaws here.

Finances. Outgoing Treasurer Nick Haylund reported that HMN had a surplus of about $9,000 at the end of the 2020-21 fiscal year, largely because we saved money on rental costs due to moving our activities online during the pandemic. Our assets total about $53,000.

Marketing Plan. Ellie Haylund and Suzanne Perry, co-chairs of HMN’s marketing team, presented details of a marketing plan that the board approved to help our organization grow and advance humanist values at a time when a growing number of people have no religious affiliation. The plan calls for spending of up to $11,250 for activities including advertising, special events, a membership drive, and paid help.  Read this article by President Harlan Garbell to learn more about the thinking behind the plan.

Social Action. Marcy Woodruff and Christine Retkwa, co-chairs of the Social Action Team, described activities over the past year including weekly email legislative “action” alerts, letter-writing with Vote Forward to encourage people to vote, and a collaboration with the Minnesota Second Chance Coalition.
— Suzanne Perry

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