HumanistsMN Financial Report

The HumanistsMN board has agreed to periodically publish financial reports in this newsletter. This report covers the first seven months of our fiscal year (June to December 2020).
  • Income: $7,106.  Same period in 2019: $8,721.  (Decrease of 19 percent.)
  • Expenses: $1,588. Same period in 2019: $7,827. (Decrease of 80 percent.)
  • Net Income: $5,518. Same period in 2019:  $893. (Increase of 518 percent.)
  • Total Assets: $44,993 (savings, checking and investments). No liabilities.

Explanatory Note: Expenses were lower this year because Covid put a stop to  most in-person activities, eliminating costs for event space rental, food and beverages, and sponsorship of community events.

— Nick Haylund, Treasurer



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