New Member Spotlight: Drew Bekius

Joined HumanistsMN: I moved to the Twin Cities from Chicago in October 2018 and started getting active in the local humanist community soon thereafter. Joined HumanistsMN in July 2020.

Profession/Residence: A former evangelical pastor, I served in nonprofit leadership roles and personal coaching for a little over 20 years. I now work as a financial advisor to nonprofits and other high-impact professionals. I’ve also written a couple books [see review of The Rise and Fall of Faith] and live with my two teenage daughters in St. Louis Park.

How he discovered us: I had first seen a few gatherings listed at But it was [HMN program coordinator] Audrey Kingstrom who gave me the proper introduction and suggested I find a way to get plugged in.

What appealed to him about us: The humanism! I’m always looking for new ways to support the local humanist community, especially in ways that put our values into action to support and empower the world around us.

His journey to humanism: Well there’s a lot that could be said. Even as an evangelical pastor, my societal and personal ethic was more progressive. I identified as a Christian humanist and understood our role in the world to be one of social justice and action. Once I deconverted from theism, it only made sense that the humanism remained and solidified. I blogged my way through the journey and eventually launched I also served as a celebrant with the American Humanist Association’s Humanist Society and am currently on the board at First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis. 



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