A New Steampunk Murder Mystery from HMN’s Tyler Tork

Congratulations to Tyler Tork (aka HMN member Andre Guirard), whose new book is hot off the (digital) presses! Tyler describes Deep End as “a steampunk murder mystery-rebel kidnapping-stabby-poisoning romance adventure with rolling pins and spells.”

The protagonist, Marlee, tries to keep family members who are scheming against her from suspecting she has no memory of them, or of this world. Meanwhile, she needs to solve a murder mystery in which she’s possibly (let’s face it, probably) the murderer, and escape the rebels who want to execute her.

If you want to read more, you can buy an e-book. Or get a taste with the excerpt on this page. When not writing, Tyler/Andre is a techie who provides invaluable help on HMN’s website. Learn more about him here.


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