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Hello, HumanistsMN members:

As election season draws near, the coronavirus pandemic has underlined the importance of fighting for public policy that reflects humanist values, for example science-based decision-making, affordable health care, help for people in need, and racial equality. In Minnesota, we have upcoming opportunities to vote our humanist values: a primary election takes place on August 11 and the November general election is not too far behind! We can also help out at the polls and work to get others out to vote. We offer a few ideas below.

Vote Early or Absentee 

With the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on public health, taking advantage of Minnesota’s various voting options provides greater safety for you and those who you hold dear.

  • State guidelines on early voting (in-person or mail): Other Ways to Vote in MN
  • You can apply for an absentee ballot online (a witness IS NOT required to sign the mail-in ballot for the August primary; currently still required for the November general).
  • You can request both primary and general election absentee ballots right now – and can also register to vote at that time, if necessary. Remember, if you haven’t voted since July 2016, you are no longer registered. (Check Your Registration)
  • Feel free to share this link with others – and if you want a mail-in ballot, submit the request today!
  • Note: you can still vote in person, either early or on election day, even if you requested a ballot.


Volunteer to be an Election Judge

Election judges are in need around the Metro and greater Minnesota. To learn how to volunteer:  Become an Election Judge

Encourage voting around the country

Evidence shows that reminding people that their vote makes a difference actually increases their likelihood to vote!  Here are two options:

Vote Forward  is doing a letter-writing campaign to encourage voting in under-represented populations. Sign up to send letters to bunches of five or 20 people in selected states across the country. Vote Forward provides a .pdf list of names and addresses and formatted letters to download and print; you provide the postage. See their FAQ page for more details.

Postcards To Swing States  is doing a postcard-writing campaign to encourage voters in swing states, with messages including one that emphasizes access to affordable healthcare, good schools, and clean water. Sign up to send printed postcards to select voters in swing states across the country. The organization sends the postcards at no charge; you supply postage. Note that the minimum order is 200 postcards, which requires $70 in postage (the organization encourages bulk ordering, too,  so perhaps someone close to you would want to share an order). Or you can make a cash donation.

Voting our humanist values, and encouraging others to do so, is an important step in helping move our country, state, and local communities toward widespread human flourishing, equity and justice, and a climate that sustains all of earth’s creatures.

We hope you will join other HumanistsMN members in taking one of the actions listed above. We would love to hear from you about your experience if you do. And please let us know if you have any comments or questions at


Marcy Woodruff

Christine Retkwa

Co-chairs, HumanistsMN Social Action Team



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