Humanists Offer More Than Thoughts and Prayers

Update:  To kick off the Secular Week of Action, HumanistsMN (HMN) is offering another opportunity to help families in the Metro area who are struggling with food insecurity. We have received another generous offer from a member to match one dollar for every dollar you donate to the food group Second Harvest Heartland between now and May 15, up to $5,000.

However, this opportunity gets even better. Second Harvest has recently received another matching offer from a donor who has agreed to also match donations dollar for dollar. So, if HMN donors get their donations in promptly they will be matched on a 4:1 basis (e.g. $100+$100=$200×2=$400).

If you want to help families in need please go to our website at and click on on the “Donate” button; select the amount you wish to donate; and then enter your personal information where indicated. Where it’s labeled “Designation,” click on the dropdown arrow and select Second Harvest Heartland. Then proceed to checkout.

The Secular Week of Action, which takes place from May 1 to 10, aims to mobilize secular people across the country to demonstrate our shared commitment to making this world, here and now, a better place. This year’s emphasis will be on offering a compassionate response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

During the Week of Action, which surrounds the National Day of Reason on May 7, we can offer more than “thoughts and prayers” in responding to our fellow humans in need. HumanistsMN is promoting several activities and outreach during the week and we encourage our members and supporters to volunteer as able. A couple of these activities require a bit of lead time, so if they interest you, please sign up as soon as possible:

Donate blood/platelets! Blood products are very much needed; because it is challenging to ensure adequate physical space between those donating, the locations have more limited appointments than normal. You will likely have to search for an appointment at least 7 days out – so schedule for Week of Action now!

Memorial Blood Center: Click red Donate button, then either “Locate a Blood Drive” or “Donation Center Location.” Phone: 1-888-GIVE-BLD. (For platelet donations, click here.) 

American Red Cross:  See “By Date” and “By Location” tab; the lead time may be up to 14 days out. Phone: 1-800-RED-CROSS.

Volunteer with Meals on Wheels! Helping those with limited mobility get nutritious meals is really important now more than ever. Volunteers are vetted, which requires a bit of time. Sign up, get approved, and schedule your first shift during the Secular Week of Action!! See how you can help.

Help pack food with the Food Group! HumanistsMN is encouraging individuals to sign up with the Food Group on May 5. Find details here.

Check in with neighbors and friends! Connecting with others is crucial, especially anyone who lives alone or far away from friends and family. Maybe your neighbor needs help with yard work? Give them a call or send a letter or card! (The USPS could use our business!)

There are a myriad of other ways to help; perhaps you currently volunteer or know of  other groups that are in need of physical or financial assistance? Try to schedule a volunteer shift/donation during the Secular Week of Action. Also, HumanistsMN will be detailing more actions as the week approaches and during the week itself. Check out the Secular Week of Action website for additional suggestions.

We want to document our activities so plan an action from May 1 to 10 and then post the details/pictures in the comment section below or in our Facebook group!  

Although HumanistsMN supports compassionate community service throughout the year, the Secular Week of Action provides a unique and wonderful opportunity for members to step-up and showcase their Humanist values.

Questions? Contact Marcy Woodruff at Thank you and be well!!


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