Paying Your Dues Just Got Easier

HumanistsMN has worked hard to keep your annual membership dues affordable and easy to pay. We have now introduced two options to make payments even easier and more affordable.

For all HMN members (excluding Student and Trial members). If you pay your annual dues online, you can now choose to have your membership automatically renewed on your anniversary date each year. No more having to add this to your “to do” list, trying to remember to do it, and filling in all the details again! Just choose our new “annually recurring” option when you pay  at our website and the dues will be automatically charged to your credit card. If you change your mind once you are on this program, on your anniversary date you can revert back to paying your dues annually online each year (i.e., not automatically). And everyone can still opt to pay by check.

For our Sustaining Members, Patrons, and Benefactors. You can now opt to pay your annual dues automatically in equal monthly installments. By spreading out the payments, you may find it easier to budget for this much-appreciated financial support to HumanistsMN. As in the first option, you can always revert back to annual payments on your anniversary date. We hope this system will also make it easier for other HMN members to upgrade their memberships to help support our programs.

Thanks to all of our dues-paying members, who help HumanistsMN thrive!

— Harlan Garbell



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