New Member Spotlight: Tanner Firl

Joined HumanistsMN: December 2019, after the Festivus for the Rest of Us event.

Profession/Residence. I work in the software industry doing a mixture of data engineering and data science. I live in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood of South Minneapolis.

How he discovered us: Meetup recommended some of HumanistMN’s events to me.

What appealed to him about us: My favorite aspects of HumanistsMN include community-building, charitable works, and science-related activities.

His journey to humanism: Though grateful for the community, morals, and values provided by my upbringing in the Mormon Church, I came to accept agnosticism at age 17. When I stumbled upon the HumanistsMN Meetup page, I was immediately drawn in by the same type of friendly community and good, people-oriented activities I enjoyed growing up in the church, with the primary difference being an emphasis on science and reason rather than God and religion. 



  1. Welcome, Tanner! It’s been great getting to know you – and I’m so glad you are an active HumanistsMN member!

    • Meline Juarez on February 5, 2020 at 12:40 pm
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    Welcome, Tanner!

    • Nathan Curland on February 5, 2020 at 3:13 pm
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    Welcome Tanner! It was great talking to you at Secular Saturday!

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