HumanistsMN Celebrates Winter Solstice 2019 in Secular Style

HumanistsMN members and friends celebrated the Winter Solstice in secular style on Dec. 14.

We honored the “reason for the season” with dinner, entertainment, and singing at the festively decorated First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis. Big Oil (Marcy Woodruff Hillerson), Big Ag (Suzy Bancroft), and Big Auto (Meline Juarez) abducted Father Winter (David Guell) in a “mummers play” written by Audrey Kingstrom.

Other cast members included Sonia Aaroe, Suellen Carroll, Heather Hegi, Mary McLeod, Christine Retkwa, Summer Sasarita, Jeff Spencer, and Mitchell Thompson. David Guell and Erica Klein performed solo acts.

Attendees contributed about $1,000 worth of gift cards and goods to The Bridge for Youth, which provides services to help young people and families through tough times.

Dave Guell

Erica Klein

Audrey Kingstrom, HumanistsMN program coordinator, and Tim Mercure, development director of The Bridge for Youth.


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