Member Spotlight: Our In-House Creative “Star,” Seth Engman

Seth Engman

By Audrey Kingstrom

Many HumanistsMN members may not know Seth Engman, but he played a huge part in the success of our organization’s re-branding initiative last year.  This involved creating a new logo, tagline, t-shirts, bumper stickers, business cards, and other materials.

Seth, who works in the field of graphics and web design, was instrumental in helping us identify a company to work with on this project. He put together the Request for Proposal that we sent out, and then helped to select the design and branding agency Imaghaus, which had a nonprofit grant program through which we got a significant discount. Seth’s knowledge of the field and the fact that he would be implementing the design helped ensure we got the grant.

Seth assisted in the communication with Imaghaus regarding all  technical aspects. He helped with our in-house focus groups, went to all the meetings with Imaghaus, and brought his expertise and experience to the discussion. He served as our in-house consultant  — our go-to person to help us make sense of the process , providing good recommendations throughout.

Once the messaging and logo were determined, Seth used the overall designs and messaging to create and mock up the marketing pieces for us to print.  That was an essential part of the process that saved us hundreds of dollars, if not more.

So any time you look at, or wear, HumanistsMN-branded materials, take a moment to think of the person who worked so hard to make these beautiful designs and colors a reality — our own board member and creative “star,” Seth Engman. A big thank-you, Seth!



    • Christine on November 16, 2019 at 12:29 am
    • Reply

    A big Thank You indeed, Seth! Love the designs you came up with!

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