May 2019 archive

April 2019: Electric Cars And Climate Change

Two climate change activists at our April 2019 chapter meeting promoted electric cars as a key weapon in the fight against climate change. They said that transportation produces by far the biggest percentage of greenhouse gas emissions in Minnesota.

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National Day of Reason Event Marks New Humanist Collaboration (Photo Gallery)

By Suzanne Perry

HumanistsMN for the first time this year joined hands with two other humanist organizations to plan a major event at the Capitol to observe the National Day of Reason, which honors the principles of secular lawmaking and separation of religion and government.

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Government Can Work – If It Follows the Evidence

By David Schultz

Hope is great when it comes to miracles. Belief is terrific when it comes to the Tooth Fairy. But neither hope nor belief should guide the making of public policy to solve our nation’s or Minnesota’s pressing problems, especially now. The making of good laws and government programs should be driven by facts and good evidence regarding what does work, otherwise taxpayer dollars maybe wasted.  Unfortunately, often that is not the case.

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Secular Humanism Is the Foundation of Democracy

By Audrey Kingstrom

Audrey Kingstrom made the following remarks at the National Day of Reason in Minnesota breakfast at the State Capitol on May 2: We are here today to reassert the narrative that our democracy, our government, is rooted in secularism. Democracy is a social contract in which the authority to govern comes from the people – not some higher power.

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