New Member Spotlight: Meet Ed Caldie

Joined Humanists of Minnesota: February 2019.

Profession/Residence: After retiring from a lengthy career in architectural design, I have recently directed my pursuits toward the mastery of creating fine art. Family (and especially grandchildren) lured me back to Minnesota after a 20-year hiatus from winter. Phoenix was my home until this past year when I moved to Woodbury.

How he found us: Frequent attendance at Critical Thinking meetings encouraged me to seek an even more inclusive and organized fellowship. A simple search on the internet led me to my first Humanists encounter and encouraged me to become a part of this community of “like-thinkers.”

What appealed to him about us: An organization dedicated to the idea that pragmatic systems of thinking leave little, if any, room for the power of “faith” in supernatural (or conspiratorial) beliefs.

His journey to humanism:After wrestling for decades to shed the last vestiges of the Pentecostal faith, I took great solace in declaring myself an agnostic.It was only in the past several years that I felt the assurance to abandon that position and adopt an a-theistic persona. I now join the chorus of scientists and practical thinkers in declaring my personal conviction that Mother Nature doesn’t care what you might believe. Because I am sympathetic to those who aren’t ready to examine the origins or validity of their beliefs, I have no intention to proselytize the boundless freedoms that come from liberating oneself from the prolific “stories” that have no basis in reality. I only look forward to furthering my own understanding through knowledge and engagement with fellow humanists.


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