January 2019 archive

New Member Spotlight: Meet Ross Meisner

Joined Humanists of Minnesota: August 2018.

Profession/Residence: Managing Director inside Navigant’s Minneapolis office (which we established two years ago). My team serves the med-tech industry, using proprietary analytics we developed to better inform market opportunities and growth strategies. I’ve lived in Fridley for 18 years. Before that: Silicon Valley, Boston, and Tokyo.

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Marcy Woodruff Joins Board of Directors

The Humanists of Minnesota board has appointed Marcy Woodruff to fill a seat vacated by Sharon Tornes. Many thanks to Sharon for her service. Marcy describes her background and goals below:

What an honor and tremendous privilege to join the Humanists of MN Board of Directors. I am a 15-year Minnesota resident, having spent the bulk of my life in the southwestern US. After retiring from 28 years federal public service (in the air-traffic profession) in mid-2016, I was looking forward to travel, reading, and spontaneous adventures.

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December 2018: How to Support People With Mental Illness

A panel at our December 2018 chapter meeting discussed the challenges that people with mental illness face and offered tips for supporting them. Larry Ellis and Humanists of Minnesota member Mick Anderson discussed their experiences with Guild Incorporated, a nonprofit that offers community services to people with mental illness—Larry as a client and Mick as an employee. HofMN member Mary McLeod, whose son has schizophrenia and who volunteers for the National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota, gave suggestions on how to interact with people with mental illness.

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Branding Exercise Aims to Help Bring Humanism to a Wider Audience

By Audrey Kingstrom

Thanks to everyone who completed the branding survey Humanists of Minnesota undertook last November with the design firm Imagehaus. The Board very much appreciates the participation of our members and friends. HofMN member Amparo Gonzalez won our participation lottery and will receive a $50 gift card.

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Think Humanity Is Making Progress? This Book Could Disillusion You

By Nathan Curland

“Contemporary atheism is a flight from a godless world.” ”The progress of humanity has replaced belief in divine providence.” “The idea that the human species realizes common goals throughout history is a secular avatar of a religious idea of redemption.” These provocative statements open John Gray’s newest book, Seven Types of Atheism. The title of his tome is a nod to literary critic and poet William Empson, whose Seven Types of Ambiguity (1930), he says, “showed how language can be open-ended without being misleading.”

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