February 2018 archive


Liane Gale, founding member of Basic Income Guarantee Minnesota, spoke to the January chapter meeting about the move to give everyone a periodic cash payment without any strings attached.

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Really, the End of Work? Will Robots Raise Our Children? 

By Audrey Kingstrom

I find discussions about the “end of work” due to artificial intelligence and automation just a tad overstated and dire. But then, by my sights, it’s mostly men who are sounding the alarm. Perhaps that’s because men have been defining work for far too long.

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Social Action Team Eyes Reproductive Rights, Immigration, Democratic Process

By Meline Juarez and Joyce Edwards

The Social Action Team met on January 29 and made some decisions about future activities. Although our original areas of focus (health care reform, medical aid in dying, environment, and criminal justice) remain priorities, we will be directing some of our energies to imminent issues where we can make impact.

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Freethought Toastmasters: Discussion of Religion and Politics Encouraged

By George Francis Kane

Toastmasters clubs, which are devoted to public speaking and leadership, can be found all around the globe. But the Twin Cities hosts a club with an unusual mission–to offer humanists, secularists, atheists, or other freethinkers a supportive environment to discourse on subjects that interest them.

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The Brain As Expectation Machine: Understanding Placebos, False Memories, and More


I was first introduced to Erik Vance when he was interviewed about his book by Steve Mirsky on a “Science Talk” podcast on Scientific American Online in November. That interview motivated me to borrow a volume from the library. It is quite a find.

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