January 2018 archive

2017: A Year of Change for Humanists of Minnesota

By Audrey Kingstrom

The year 2017 brought many new developments to Humanists of Minnesota. These efforts took a lot of work on the back end for the Board and diligent member-volunteers, but for the record and the benefit of the entire membership, here’s an overview of what transpired this past year.

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By Mary McLeod and George Kane

Humanists of Minnesota members Jerry Smith and Mark Thoson started D-Cubed, a monthly discussion group, three years ago. Mary McLeod and George Kane, who attend the sessions regularly, offer a look behind the scenes.


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Who Really Won the 2016 Election?

By Harlan Garbell

Many of you reading this are likely familiar with the late writer and purported philosopher Ayn Rand, even if you have never actually read any of her articles or books. The privileged daughter of a prosperous businessman in St. Petersburg, Russia, her family lost it all in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. 

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