December 2017: Solstice Celebration

Humanists of Minnesota celebrated the Winter Solstice with food, drink, secular carols, and the airing of political grievances at a Festivus for the Rest of Us. Members also presented a Mummers’ Play written by President Audrey Kingstrom, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In it, our Great Leader (who bears a resemblance to someone we know) is taken in by Wily Weavers, but reassured of his greatness by his Trusty Old Adviser and Loyal Toadies. Players included Audrey, Ellie Bjorklund, Suellen Carroll, Mark Coffey, Patrick Dow, Harlan Garbell, David Guell, Nick Hayden, Suzanne Perry, and Christine Retkwa.

Paul Heffron played background music on his keyboard for the event, which took place at the Minnesota Humanities Center in St. Paul. David Guell demonstrated his comedic chops with a hilarious roast of humanists. Jennifer Harding, Development Director at Bridge for Youth, accepted our annual donations to her charity, which provides services to homeless young people.

Photos by Richard Trombley