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December 2017: Solstice Celebration

Humanists of Minnesota celebrated the Winter Solstice with food, drink, secular carols, and the airing of political grievances at a Festivus for the Rest of Us. Members also presented a Mummers’ Play written by President Audrey Kingstrom, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In it, our Great Leader (who bears a resemblance to someone we know) is …

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An ALS Diagnosis Sparks Advocacy on Medical Aid in Dying

By Bobbi Jacobsen

When you receive a diagnosis of ALS, your world closes in on you so quickly, you feel like you might suffocate right there in the doctor’s office. For me, it was late on a cold December afternoon, and I couldn’t get out of the Mayo Clinic fast enough. 

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NOVEMBER 2017: Immigrants Face New Restrictions, Myths, and Cultural Fears

By Suzanne Perry

The gap between the number of people across the world who are trying to migrate and the number of spots available to them is staggering. And the United States under the Trump Administration has become increasingly unwelcoming. Michele Garnett McKenzie, who spoke at the November chapter meeting, has seen the devastating consequences through her work at The Advocates for Human Rights.

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Homo Sapiens Have Conquered the World; Now What?

By Nathan Curland

Homo sapiens have, in the last few millennia, filled every corner of the planet and—in less than 100 years—have for all practical purposes conquered plague, famine, and war. How did this happen? 

What sets Homo sapiens apart from other species? What is the mind? Or consciousness? Do we have free will or are we just algorithms? 

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‘Tis the Season of Excess, But Also of Joy and Wonder


‘Tis the season of excess. But then for most Americans, every season–and day and month and year–is a time of excess. The American economy and increasingly the world economy is based on excess. 

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