November 2017 archive

OCTOBER 2017: Speakers Press for Changes to Make Elections More Democratic

By Suzanne Perry

As we gear up for critical 2018 state and national elections, it’s a good time to think about how to  improve our electoral system. Three speakers at our October chapter meeting suggested ways to make our votes count more and diminish the harm special interests inflict on our democracy.

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By Mary McLeod

What’s the difference between humanism and Unitarian Universalism? This is a genuine question for me, even though I once chaired a UU board and have been a Humanists of Minnesota member for several years now.

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A Humanist Teacher Packs Up for a North Dakota Village

By David Perry

David Perry is a former Humanists of Minnesota board member and HofMN member since 1997. He’s been a teacher for over 25 years, most recently working as a bilingual math and science teacher for the Minneapolis Public Schools.His quest to get a principal or assistant principal job led him to an unexpected place this school year.

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Politics and Our ‘Devil-in-Chief’

By Harlan Garbell

A key principle of humanism is rejection of the belief that a supernatural force or being is responsible for what happens on Earth (or anywhere in the universe for that matter). When it comes to politics, however, I’m not so sure anymore.

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