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September 2017: Chris Stedman on Why We Need Humanism Now

By Nathan Curland

More than 60 humanists and friends attended our first chapter meeting of the new season on September 16 to hear Chris Stedman give an impassioned speech on “Why We Need Humanism Now.” He has been a humanist chaplain at Harvard University, is the founding executive director of the Yale Humanist Community, and has moved to the Midwest to build a new Humanist Center of Minnesota. Stedman started by reminding us that a world without religion is not necessarily “good.”

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Building Bridges Through Storytelling


The East Side of St. Paul is host to a unique community gathering place.  Four years ago, the Arlington Library—one of the historic Carnegie library buildings in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood—closed. 

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Humanist Worldview Could Provide Moral Leadership That Trump Lacks

By Audrey Kingstrom

Humanism as a worldview serves as that kind of moral compass. It doesn’t offer perfection through its method or in its results. As a life stance, it doesn’t turn its adherents into saints. But it functions as a very useful and time-tested guide—to lead us toward a better life for all.

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A Book on Humanism for Kids

By Paul Heffron

The author has impressive academic and professional credentials and does an excellent job of presenting humanism for kids ages 10 and up.

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Social Action Team Welcomes New Leader

Social Action Team leaders met in late August to kick off Humanists of Minnesota advocacy activities under a new captain. Meline Juarez, a former union organizer with lots of advocacy experience, has agreed to head the team, taking over from Suzanne Perry.

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